What Are Unique Things to Do During New Employee Onboarding?

What Are Unique Things to Do During New Employee Onboarding?

Welcoming new team members effectively is crucial for fostering a positive work environment, so we've gathered unique onboarding strategies from office professionals. From implementing a peer buddy system to hosting a speed networking lunch, discover the five innovative methods shared by Talent Acquisition Specialists and General Managers to ensure an enjoyable experience for new hires.

  • Implement a Peer Buddy System
  • Assign Real Tasks from Day One
  • Organize a Discovery Day Event
  • Initiate Team-Building Activities
  • Host a Speed Networking Lunch

Implement a Peer Buddy System

During the onboarding process for new employees, I prioritize creating an inclusive and welcoming environment from day one. I am paired with our new hires from different departments or teams and meet with them to show them some tips and tricks for getting around the job easily, covering tasks such as logging time, inputting PTO, or prioritizing remote work. Additionally, I check in with my buddy at least once a week to see how they're adjusting to their new role and if they have any questions.

While our process requires three meetings over two weeks, I tend to go above that to make more time for my new buddy. I want them to know that the adjustment period can be longer for some than for others, and it's okay if they need more time or have more questions. By doing this, it helps create a sense of community within departments and builds culture within the organization. I'm always excited to be a Peer Buddy for new hires!

Alyssa Kong
Alyssa KongTalent Acquisition Specialist, Dupont Circle Solutions

Assign Real Tasks from Day One

One unique approach we take at DesignRush during the onboarding process is creating a 'buddy system' for new hires. A more tenured colleague from a similar role or department becomes the 'buddy' for the new employee, helping them navigate through their initial weeks. This facilitates faster familiarization with company culture, work processes, and builds a sense of connection from day one.

In addition, we assign real, meaningful tasks right from the start. A sense of responsibility and contribution engenders achievement and fosters rapid engagement. For instance, a new employee in our marketing department might be entrusted with a live project to manage SEO strategy. They're supported and supervised, but being hands-on from day one creates a more dynamic and engaging introduction to our company.

Gianluca Ferruggia
Gianluca FerruggiaGeneral Manager, DesignRush

Organize a Discovery Day Event

When it comes to onboarding, we like to sprinkle a bit of magic to make it an experience worth remembering. One unique thing we do is organize a "Discovery Day" for our new recruits. It's like a scavenger hunt, but instead of searching for hidden treasures, they uncover the hidden gems of our company culture and values.

They get to explore different departments, meet key team members, and immerse themselves in our mission and vision. It's not just about reading manuals and attending orientations; it's about diving headfirst into the heart and soul of Precondo. By the end of the day, they're not just employees; they're part of our story, ready to embark on this exciting journey together. And who knows, they might even discover a few surprises along the way.

Samantha Odo
Samantha OdoReal Estate Sales Representative & Montreal Division Manager, Precondo

Initiate Team-Building Activities

At Startup House, we like to kick off the onboarding process with a fun team-building activity that helps new employees get to know their colleagues in a relaxed setting. Whether it's a virtual escape-room challenge or a friendly game of trivia, we believe that fostering a sense of camaraderie from the start sets the tone for a positive and enjoyable work environment. After all, a team that plays together stays together!

Alex Stasiak
Alex StasiakCEO & Founder, Startup House

Host a Speed Networking Lunch

In our Sales team at PanTerra Networks, we focus on creating an onboarding experience that's both informative and engaging. We go beyond the standard presentations by incorporating a "Speed Networking Lunch" on the first day. This lunch pairs new hires with veteran salespeople from across the department. It allows new team members to ask questions in a relaxed setting, learn sales war stories, and gain valuable insights directly from those who consistently hit quota. This not only fosters a sense of community but also gets them excited about applying their skills and becoming part of the high-performing sales team.

Shawn Boehme
Shawn BoehmeDirector of Sales, PanTerra Networks

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